Wizards of Washington


Wizards of Washington is a nonprofit organization focused on spreading the love of Wizardry Works and building an inclusive and magical community in Washington. We will host magical events, activities, online meet-ups, craft classes and events to keep the magic alive. 

What does this mean?

Wizards of Washington will have a, “magical wizarding school” events that you will love, and opportunities and outreach to the public. We are now an official non-profit organization in Washington State, and we are currently working on our 501c3!

What will Wizards of Washington do?

“Wizards of Washington” will be a state-wide organization with the goal of promoting literacy, inclusivity, and educational opportunities to all age groups of Washington State. We will do this through:

- “Magical classes” that are inspired by wizarding literary works

- Community events

- Book drives at our events to gather books for libraries and underserved populations

- Portions of proceeds from our events and merchandise going to other non-profits that support our mission

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at or fill out a volunteer application on our "Get Involved" page.