Wizards of Washington

We are building on past events from The Wonderful Weekend of Wizardry to create a home for various wizarding events in the Tacoma area. Don't worry, the Weekend of Wizardry will continue once it is safe to gather in large groups again. In the meantime, we will plan online events and smaller groups events when able. 

Meet the Board of Directors:


Miranda, our President & Chief Executive Officer and a Ravenclaw, was introduced to the Harry Potter world by her little sister.  Harry Potter became something that created a bond with her siblings that they all could relate to. Not only does she love the magic, mystery, and amazing writing in Harry Potter; she loves the community it's built. She returns for year two as the Event Project Manager. Overseeing the entire event, she ensures that all areas are working together and have what they need.  Her perfect idea of volunteering is blending creativity with her need to organize and plan. She's married to a muggle and has two amazing pups, Toby (Obi Wan) and Ravenpaw.

Danni, our Chair Person & Chief Creative Officer, is clearly a Slytherin.  She started her Harry Potter love when she first saw the film.  She read the books through college and has steadily grown more obsessed over time! After a pretty successful run with her team last year, she is excited to grow the Wizards of Washington into a new experience.  Her favorite part of the events is the people and people watching and seeing how joy the Wizarding World brings to the people in our communities! SLYTHERIN PRIDE!


Sarah, Vice President & Chief Community Officer, is a proud Ravenclaw, the best of the four houses. She was obsessed with Harry Potter from an early age and loved dressing up and attending Midnight book releases. With experience running educational conferences and other activities, Sarah is passionate about education and loves creating magical classes and immersive events that bring the wizarding world to life. In her free time, she enjoys attending Renn Faires and festivals, hiking, cosplaying, writing, and playing with her cats, River, Red, Riley, Roman, and Remus.   

Meet Cassandra, Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer, is a proud Gryffindor. She began her journey at Hogwarts as a teenager, hungrily devouring the pages as soon as she could get her hands on the latest tale. Books can bring such magic and wonder to our lives, but she has yet to find another one that floats a candle to the Harry Potter series. Cassandra thought she was the biggest Harry Potter fan, until she joined the team! She love the magic of the wizarding world and escape to it as often as she can (when she is not sorting sickles and knuts). To have a team of people that enjoys her fantasy as much as she does is wonderful. Cassandra is excited for us to realize our vision and watch Hogwarts take root in Tacoma.


Jessie, Secretary & Chief Operations Officer, is a Hufflepuff, fell in love with the Harry Potter books when she was gifted Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for her 11th birthday. Since then, she has run a Harry Potter themed camp and loves making magical crafts. She enjoys sharing her love of Harry Potter with her son, who’s middle name is Sirius.
Jessie has  10 years of experience as an office manager at a refugee resettlement office. With her organization skills and desire to help the underserved, she will help make sure things run smoothly and make the magic come to life!

Christina, Board Member & Chief Relations Officer, is a proud Gryffindor. She's always been an avid reader and heard about Harry Potter before it even came out in the United States. She started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (sorry British fans) as soon as she could get it and fell in love from the first chapter. For the next 10 years, Christina attended first day and midnight releases, dancing up and down the aisles until she finally got that book into her hands. She read the books while doing everything from eating to bathing, stopping only to sleep.  Christina has reread each book more times than she can count. Christina loves sharing the values of friendship, loyalty, and standing up for what’s right that she learned from the books. Christina is currently a homeschooling parent, passing on her love of the books and her Hermoine level love of research with her two daughters. “I’ve got to go to the library!”

Christina brings over 10 years of employment experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and in a variety of settings. Thanks to her experience working with individuals with disabilities, Christina has become an expert at listening to the needs of people often ignored. Christina uses this experience to ensure that everyone involved in a project, from volunteers to community members, is heard.