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Wizards of Washington is a nonprofit (501c3) organization located in the State of Washington. We are 100% volunteer run and funded by generous donations and fundraisers. Wizards of Washington's outreach to the public includes multitude of events, classes, fundraisers, annually held “Cascadia School of Magic”, "Dragons egg hunt", a "Wizard's Dance" and other such events that you will love.

Our Mission

“The Wizards of Washington’s purpose is to build a wizarding literature loving community by providing inclusive and accessible opportunities to encourage reading, creativity and learning through engaging events and opportunities."

Our Values

We will do this through building our C.I.R.C.L.E.

Community  Giving back, building community and hosting magical events helps engage the current lovers of Wizard fantasy and those who are experiencing it for the first time.  We partner with local businesses, artists, community leaders, nonprofits, and of course all you Wizards!

Inclusivity. Inclusivity is the core of our foundation. It is the right thing to do. Creating an open, welcoming and inclusive environment to imagine, create, explore, learn, be among others and have fun. We accept those as they are and ensure that everyone is included.  

Reading. Reading is magic. It opens up opportunity in life, builds connections, and helps one learn how to think outside of the box.  Immersing oneself into a new world is an experience we want every adult and child to have. We will create opportunities to engage in discussion through book clubs, build Magical Little Libraries, host book drives and donate books to those in need, find new magical works to dive in head first, partner with local authors, host writing workshops, and encourage reading in every possible way!

Creativity. Creativity inspires. It looks to solve, expand, bridge gaps and open minds. Opening up one's imagination and allowing creativity to flow builds confidence and happiness. We are creating opportunities for everyone to get creative! Whether cosplay, writing, crafting, immersion, building, painting, drawing, or any other medium, creativity is at the heart of our organization. Without it, where would be be?

Learning. Creating opportunities to learn doesn't have to be boring. The Cascadia School of Magic is one of our primary tools to introduce learning in a fun atmosphere.  Focusing on magical potions (science), herbology (learning about plants), ancient history, cultures and diversity, and event magical creatures (mythology) is demonstrated in a engaging and immersive environment.

Engagement. Finding new ways to engage our wizarding loving community and introduce new people to it, is why we started this adventure! Engagement lights up the mind and breeds the creativity we all love. It opens up the mind, to new experiences and makes it fun and attainable to all of the community.

If you are interested in volunteering - click here! 

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